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Basic -Frequently Asked Questions

What Is AME Digital Gold?

AME Digital Gold offers direct ownership of real physical gold without the delivery or fabrication fees associated with coins and bars. Unlike coins and bars, AME Digital Gold enables you to purchase gold based on value rather than weight.

How does it work?

When you purchase AME Digital Gold, an equivalent amount of physical gold is stored in our secured vaults on your behalf. Storage in our vaults resolves the trouble of physical Gold ownership, which is necessary to keep it safe. 

Why may it be cheaper to buy AME Digital Gold products than physical metals?

Our Gold bars are purchased directly from the supplier and often do not carry the premium associated with small retail outlets.
All AME Digital Gold purchased are physically back and stored safely in our vaults.

Is Digital Gold a good investment option?

 Yes, Digital Gold is a good investment option. Clients can mitigate the disadvantages of physical gold ownership, such as theft, secure storage, and liquidation.

Digital Gold serves to provide a diversification of one's investment portfolio. Gold has historically been an advantageous asset to combat  economic uncertainty, inflation and to create wealth over a long-term period. 

What are the benefits of investing in Digital Gold?

1. (LBMA) London Bullion Market Standard Gold Bars: - The physical gold kept in our vaults meets the international "Good Delivery" standards and it is of atleast 99% purity.
2. Subscription Saver Program : - Our programs are designed to be hassle and worry-free, tailored to develop long-term wealth for you.
3. Exchangeability: - You can exchange your digital gold for products & services that are available on our website at a discount.
4. Secure Vaulting & Insurance: - Digital Gold by you is secured in our vaults with full insurance coverage. You can rest easy knowing that your investments are safe and secure.
5. Physical Redemption: - Convert your Digital Gold into physical Gold at any time with special rates.
6. 24/7 Gold Trading: - Buy & Sell Gold 365 a days year.

What is the eligibility criteria for AME Digital Gold?

Clients can register an AME Digital Gold account provided they are at least 18 years old. 
You must pass our (KYC) Know Your Customer compliance check to have a verified account.
For more information on KYC, please contact customer support at

What is a London "Good Delivery" bar?

A "Good Delivery" bar are the standards and regulations set out by the (LBMA) London Bullion Market Association, a global authority for precious metals. 

Good Delivery bars are required to meet the standards in terms of: -
A) Fineness (Purity of Gold)
B) Weight Contains 350 ounces to 430 ounces of gold
C) Marked with the refiner's hallmark, fineness, serial number, and year of manufacture

What is a pooled metals position?

Pooled metals are a cost-effective strategy used by AME to enable clients to own gold at optimal rates. 
AME maintains a pooled metals position that exceeds the ownership interest of its customers.

How do I know my gold bar is genuine?

The Gold held by our Gold provider is independently audited by the Bureau Veritas, an (LBMA) London Bullion Market Association approved auditor, every six months. As part of the audit, the following checks are performed:
A) Physical existence of all clients owned precious metals held by our gold provider on behalf of its storage customers as storage providers.
B) Accuracy of the serial numbers, randomly selected bullion bars against the serial numbers as listed by our Gold provider.
C) Weight and purity of randomly selected bullion bars against the product description of the product

 How can I be sure my holdings are 100% backed by physical metal?

AME only conducts digital asset transactions that are 100% backed by physical metal.  If the physical metals are unavailable, AME will not offer digital gold to its clients.

The stored precious metals are wholly owned by you. You maintain full legal ownership and title to your physical metal. AME are custodians for clients that own the physical metal stored in the vault.

How do I know my metals are in a secured storage location ?

Holding an AME Digital Gold account means that you are entrusting us with the security of your gold. As such, we take that responsibility seriously. 
Every business day, our vault provider provides us with a bar list indicating the gold we hold on our customers' behalf. 

What is the difference between allocated and unallocated gold ?

Allocated Gold means the gold is your property, and you are its legal owner of the gold. Allocated Gold accounts use your funds to buy and store physical gold in secured and insured vaults. The gold remains in the vault and will not be used for any other purpose.
When you purchase with AME, you are the legal owner of the gold, and AME is the custodian. AME receives a fee for storing the gold for you.
If AME undergoes liquidation, you can rest assured that your gold is protected. 

Unallocated Gold is a riskier type of Gold possession. Unallocated gold accounts do not have to store your gold physically. Your gold may be loaned during the time that the company holds the gold on your behalf.
If the gold provider goes bankrupt, you will only possess a paper indicating your ownership and promise to receive your gold. Collecting your gold will only be completed after the other creditors have gotten their share. 

How many times a day can I buy/sell gold ?

AME operates 23 hours a day and seven days a week. You are allowed to purchase gold at any time during this period. Every night for 1 hour, we schedule our daily maintenance between 12 am, and 1 am.

How much gold can I store on my AME Digital Gold Account?

There are no limits to the amount of gold you can store in your AME Digital Gold Account.

Is there a limit for buying gold ?

There are no buying limits imposed on the quantity of gold purchase. Please ensure you have sufficient funds available for purchase.

For purchases above 2 kilograms of gold, please contact our customer service ( to arrange the necessary verification and payment.

How can I be sure my information is kept private?

AME does not sell, lease, or loan any personally identifiable information regarding its clients to any third party. Any information you give us is held with the utmost care and security and will not be used in ways you have not consented to or as otherwise contemplated by our PRIVACY POLICY.

Why did my Buy Gold transaction fail?

There are several reasons why your transaction might fail: -
A) You do not have sufficient cash in your account;
B) You lost internet connective while doing the transaction; 
c) Your transaction timed out. 

You will need to complete your transaction within 5 minutes. If the prices changes, we will need to provide you with a new quote. 

Are the number displayed for the Buy and Sell price rounded up?

The prices indicated on our Digital Gold page are rounded up or down as appropriate for display purchases. When the transactions are conducted, we use the actual numbers (up to 32 decimal places) of the prices for calculations. 

What will happen to the gold associated with accumulations in my account in the unlikely event of the company going into liquidation?

If something happens to AME, your gold in the vault will remain as yours. The company liquidator will sell the gold, deduct the administrative fees owned, and return the cash value to you according to the market price of the day of sale.

Who will manage customer complaints?

You may write us an email at or contact us via telephone (+6012 835 2996) or social media (Facebook & Instagram)

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