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Funding - Frequently Asked Questions

What payment methods do you accept?

The following payment methods are accepted for the payment of Digital Gold: -
a) Bank transfers
b) Cash transactions limited to RM 24,000 (Please contact us for cash transactions)
c) FPX Payment gateway (Available via our website)
d) E-mandate/Direct-Debit (Applicable only for Subscription Saver Program)

Is my payment information stored by AME?

We do not maintain any of your payment information for digital gold purchased or sold on the go. 
For our Subscription Saver program, we require your bank account number to set up the direct-debit/e-mandate for a monthly deduction. 

What currencies do you accept?

AME accepts only (MYR) Malaysian Ringgit. We are looking at offering different currencies in the future. 
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Does AME use customer funds for anything?

AME does not utilise clients' funds for any other activity. Unlike financial institutions, we do not lend out client funds.

Is there a minimum when funding/top-up?

AME imposes a minimum of RM 10.00 to purchase gold on the go. Clients interested in the Subscription Saver program will have a minimum top-up according to the program's requirements.

How is my available balance calculated?

Your available balance is the sum of your total portfolio minus your pending transfers.

How do I link a bank account?

Linking your bank account is only required for our Subscription Saver program. All other transactions do not require a bank account linkage.

You can contact us via email at to set up the direct debit/e-mandate. We will guide you through the process of linking a bank account for monthly direct debits to be carried out.

When funding by bank transfer, where should I send the money?

Applicable for one-off payments (excluding Subscription Saver program): -

Customers can carry out a purchase/buy order by checking out the product via our website. We do not retain any banking information as our payment gateway partner manages the information anonymously. 

The amount I sent via bank transfer does not match the amount available in my AME Digital Gold Account. What happened?

In some cases, your banking institution may charge a processing fee for the bank transfer, which may have affected the total money sent out by your bank. 
The amount shown in your AME Digital Gold account reflects the total funds received by AME from your banking institution.

Can I request a refund after adding cash?

All cash instructions added are taken as final and are non-refundable. If you would like your money, you can contact us at to raise a query for withdrawal.

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