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ASTONM Enterprise, now known as ASTON & SONS is a leading precious metals trading company based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, specialising in the trade of gold and silver products, including bars, coins, and jewellery.

Founded in 2021 as a sole proprietor, we have grown to become recognised in the industry as a company dedicated to delivering high-quality precious metal products and services to our clients while leading the industry in innovation and customer satisfaction.

Our Vision & Mission


Our vision is to lead the precious metals industry by providing exceptional products and services that create lasting value for our customers.


At Aston & Sons, we are committed to providing exceptional precious metal products and services while embodying the values of empathy, social responsibility, transparency, and undiscriminating.

Our Values


Our commitment to empathy means that we will continue to listen and learn from our customers, delivering personalized solutions that exceed their expectations.
Social Responsibility
As a socially responsible business, we will be proactive in minimizing our environmental impact and promoting ethical practices in the gold industry.
Transparency will continue to be a cornerstone of our business, creating open and honest relationships with our customers and earning their trust.
We believe in undiscriminating customer service and will strive to create a diverse and inclusive community of customers and team members who share our values and vision for success in the gold industry.

The Global pandemic of Covid-19 and rise of e-commerce has played a significant role in the development of the brand. AVOIR was initially designed to generate awareness of pre-loved items. 
In the current world we live in today, the necessity to raise awareness for pre-loved items becomes unnecessary as consumers are already aware of its presence and have begun their search for products that fit their wants and needs. 

AVOIR Mission

Luxury Marketplace

A marketplace for luxury goods that consumers can find authentic, trustworthy merchants and good quality products

Breaking STIGMA

Altering the perception associated with pre-loved products, that are damaged, low quality or sold because of financial difficulties

Product Opportunities

Customers are able to own items that were previously deemed too expensive or perhaps were of a limited stock


Stay tuned for more information on our athleisure brand

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