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Anti-Money Laundering - Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we have to vet customers?

The precious metals industry of Malaysia is highly regulated. AME is required to comply with the (AML/CFT) Anti-Money Laundering & Counter Financing of Terrorism act set out by (central bank) Bank Negara Malaysia. 

The act keeps our clients and business safe against those who could harm with access to your funds or account. AME may contact you for further information to comply with AML/CFT regulations. 

What happens if I fail to comply with AME's request or fail the vetting process?

If an account holder fails to comply with AME's request or fails the vetting process, we may lock the user's account. 

In most cases, this will result in a fund transfer back to the originating bank account. 

How can I verify my account?

You may verify your account via email when you receive your email confirmation. 

AME may contact you for additional verification should there be a requirement.

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