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Buying - Frequently Asked Questions

What is a spread?

The spread is the difference between the prices quoted on our products for immediate sale and immediate purchase.

How to Buy Gold?


Step 1: - Select the Digital Gold product you want to purchase

Step 2: - Check out via our website
Once your payment is successful, your gold will be vaulted. Please note it takes a few minutes for a reflection in your account.

Customised Purchase: -
* If our preset Digital Gold amounts for sale are not what you are looking for please contact customer support for a customisated purchase amount.

What is the purity of gold offered under AME Digital Gold?

AME Digital Gold are of atleast 99.5% purity.

How much gold do I have to purchase at a time? Is there a minimum or maximum of AME Digital Gold I can buy?

The minimum purchase of gold at any time is RM 10.00. Clients that have opted for our Subscription Saver program will have a higher minimum requirement based on the choice of the program.
There are no maximums that one can buy at any time. 

* However, please contact us via email or telephone for purchases of (2) two kilograms of gold and above.

What do I need to know when paying by bank transfer?

Clients are required to contact customer support when paying via bank transfer. We may require certain pieces of information to confirm your identity and ownership of an AME Digital Gold account. 

What do I need to know when paying by cash?

Customers are required to contact customer support at to organise a cash payment. You will be required to: 
A) Open an AME Digital Gold account
B) Complete (KYC) Know Your Customer Compliance 
C) Organise an appointment for cash payment

Once my order is locked, am I able to change the payment method?

AME does not have a way to change the payment method. Suppose you are unable to send payment via the method you have selected. In that case, the order will need to be cancelled, or we can allow you to fund the account and apply the funds to your open other. 

Please contact customer support via email at if you experience any issues.

What happens if my order is cancelled?

If your order is cancelled, we will remit the funds back to your original bank account. 

Where can I find the invoice for each order?

Customers will be given an invoice via email for each order made. If you have not received your invoice within 10 minutes, please get in touch with customer support at

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