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Fees - Frequently Asked Questions

What are Market Closed Prices?

On weekends & some public holidays, the global bullion market does not operate. As such, the spread between the buy and sell prices determined and imposed by our gold suppliers is typically more expansive than the spread during the weekdays.

What is market "Premium"?

 A "Premium" is the excess charged above the intrinsic value of gold content.

Factors that drive Market Premium: -
A) Market Supply & Demand Situations
b) Global & Local Economic conditions
c) Market premium is driven by high demand

On occasion, there may be shortages of physical bullion in the market due to higher than expected demand. The surge in demand may be due to uncertainty or import restrictions imposed by a government. 

Supply constraints are another example that affects the premiums. Logistical constraints that have affected the delivery of bullion from one country to another, resulting in delayed shipment, may affect gold prices.

Closure of operations: - Gold refineries may experience supply chain issues such as a lack of unrefined gold or because they are unable to operate at full capacity.

What are the management fees?

Our management fees are charged annually at a rate of 2%. The fees are calculated daily and charged monthly, based on the value of gold that you hold. 

If you sell your gold before the monthly charge period, the fee charged will be based on the number of days your gold was held with us.

The annual administrative fee is deducted from your gold account balance.

What are the registration fees?

Registration is completely free. Our eligibility criteria to open an AME Digital Gold account is to be atleast 18 years old and complete our (KYC) compliance.

What are the transfer fees?

There are no transfer fees

What are the processing fees?

We do not charge processing fees.

What are the withdrawal fees?

There are no charges for withdrawals.

What are the redemption fees?

Physical Metal Redemption: - The redemption fees vary based on the weight of gold you redeem and includes administration, shipping and insurance services. Once calculated, the fees will be deducted from your gold account.

Other products & Services: - The redemption fee will be based on the type of product/service you have chosen and shipping costs. 

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