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Selling - Frequently Asked Questions

How do I sell the Digital Gold I have bought?

Step 1: - Contact us via telephone at +6012 835 2996. 
Our phone line is the fastest way for you to contact us & carry out a sale. 

Step 2: - We will proceed to verify your information and process with a sell order. Please note that prices shown on the website may differ slightly than quoted via telephone.

Step 3: - Clients will receive a receipt for the sell order made and current total gold holdings. 

Selling your gold via our website will be available in the future at a later date. For more updates, please sign up for our newsletter

What is Ask Spot Price?

The price at which AME offers to sell

 What is Buy spot Price?

The price at which AME is willing to buy

When I sell, where does my cash go?

When selling your gold, the funds will be held under your AME, awaiting the transfer into your bank account.

Is there a transaction fee for selling my metals?

There are no transaction fees for selling your gold. 

What price will I receive when I sell my metals?

All our prices are updated regularly based on the current market price of gold. Clients are able to view the price on our digital gold page. 

* Please note that selling your gold requires you to contact us via telephone. The prices we quote via telephone may slightly differ from the prices published on our website. 

How long does it take to receive payment once I sell my metal?

Payment is issued immediately. The transfer into your bank account may take 1 to 2 working days. 

Why do I not see all my holdings when I sell?

You can only sell metals with your available balance. Pending transactions that have yet to be settled will not be allowed to sell. 

Am I able to sell physical metals to AME?

Yes. You will be able to sell your physical metals to AME. Clients must contact customer support to receive a quote on the intended physical metals for sale. 

AME requires specific detail such as the:
A) Quantity & Weight
B) Metal Type
C) Brand Name
D) Other proof of purchase documents.

Once we have confirmed the information above, we will notify you to send the metals to us and establish a selling price with us. The funds will be available in your account once we have received the metal and issued the receipt.

What happens if the sales proceeds are not credited to me within four days?

Clients can contact us via: -

Telephone: - +6012 835 2996)
Email: -

Where can I find the invoice for each order?

Clients will receive a receipt of your sale or purchase via email on every order made

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