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Coffee Conversations Series Part 1

What is this series about?

This series is about creating a community to share the love for coffee. Viewers can learn more about brewing techniques, coffee beans, flavours & aromas, and many more. We have arranged several activities on coffee that viewers can participate in. Subscribe to our newsletter and participate in our events.

My daily coffee routine

I am gonna begin this article by sharing my daily coffee routine. Side note: I am no expert in coffee or brewing, simply a homebrewer sharing his experience. If you are interested in finding out what I use, I have included several links below to find the equipment or beans.


The standard morning usually calls for solid filter coffee. My brewing choice is the "V60" or "Kalita". I am generally looking for coffee beans that jump-start my brain in the morning. Coffee that has two or three flavours that I can pick gives me something to think about usually does the trick.

V60 Coffee Brewer

V60 Brewer

Kalita Wave Coffee Brewer

Kalita Wave Brewer

I have recently been fond of the coffee beans from a roastery in Denmark called "Coffee Collective". The "Takesi Catuai" located in the Yannachi region of Bolivia is something to shout about, with its honey-like and floral notes. Another type of bean that I got was the "Enciso". This Columbian bean just smells heavenly in the morning with its floral and fruity notes. I would definitely recommend it to anyone that enjoys medium intensity coffee with floral notes.

My recipe for the Takesi Catuai & Enciso

  • Medium Course towards a finer grind size (I use a Commandante to grind my beans)
  • Pouring style: - 

a) 30 seconds Blooming (Removing the gases from the coffee)

b) 30 Seconds (Sweetness Control) Fast Pours with minimal agitation of the coffee bed

c) 2X 45 Seconds (Strength Control) Slow pours with lots of agitation of the coffee bed

The outcome of my recipe has yielded higher acidity, aroma and strength. The recipe that I use is generally designed for my V60 brew method.

The "Hot" morning, the ones that make you feel that you need something icy. I generally have a batch of ice drip coffee that I make ahead of time before the start of the week. The beans I used for the ice drip batch is usually Ethiopian Guji or Kenyan AA. I find the two bean types to be just something like lickerish with a combination of fruity notes. My brewing choice is the Bruer Cold Drip that is easy to use and yields a good amount of coffee. 

My recipe for the Bruer Cold Drip

  • Slightly finer grind sizes that one would use for a French Press
  • Preparation: -

a) 60 Grams of Coffee

b) Coffee to ice & water ratio: 1 gram of coffee to 4.17 ml of water

c) Drip rate: 1 drop per second

The whole process of completing the drip takes roughly 2 to 4 hours, perfect for preparing at night for the morning. The outcome gives you a dark and deep concentration to mix with water or milk to have it hot or iced. We will be releasing small batches of ice drip coffee for sale very soon. If you are interested in having ice drip coffee, send us a direct message on Instagram or Whatsapp.

Bruer Cold Drip Coffee

Bruer Cold Drip System


My afternoons generally involve an iced latte that I brew myself using a Breville espresso machine. My choice of beans for espresso is generally in the region of nutty and chocolaty. I have been really fond of the beans roasted by the "Roast Things". They have done a great job with the roasting for the "Mexico Ernesto Perez", "Thailand Doi Pangkhon", and the Mojo blend. It is the perfect alternative to cut back on sugary chocolate bars.

My recipe for Lattes or Cappuccinos

  • Fine grind size usually smaller than sugar granules
  • 27 to 30 seconds from the first drip
  • 60% to 70% milk

My technique on zeroing in on how I like my coffee is pretty much based on the taste. A good indication for me on whether I have extracted my coffee well is the flow rate and time. A slow flow rate towards the production of crema is generally a good indicator of a good brew. In terms of taste, I like to find some balance between bitterness and acidity. However, the balance depends on the type of coffee beans that I am using. 

Share your recipes with us

Send us a DM on Instagram; if you are interested in some "Takesi Catuai", we would be happy to share the love (Please note there is limited quantities available and it is on a first come first serve basis). If you would like to share your experiences, latte art or recipes with our community, tag us on Instagram or Facebook.

Checkout the links below for the things I use

Hand Grinder: - Commandante

Coffee Beans: - Coffee Collective & Roast Things

Cold Drip System: - Bruer

Brewer Tools: - V60 & Kalita

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