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Batik Hari Raya Design 999.9 Gold Bar 1 Gram/0.5 GramBatik Hari Raya Design 999.9 Gold Bar 1 Gram/0.5 Gram
  • Batik Hari Raya Design 999.9 Gold Bar 1 Gram/0.5 Gram
  • Batik Hari Raya Design 999.9 Gold Bar 1 Gram/0.5 Gram

Batik Hari Raya Design 999.9 Gold Bar 0.5 Gram



  • Have you been searching for an inexpensive HARI RAYA Gift? Our Aurum 79 Gold Bar in 1 Gram is the perfect gift that is affordable and luxurious to impress your family, friends or partners. Each purchase comes with a gift packaging designed to be either as "Duit Raya" or gift card.

    • (AU) Gold 999.9 Purity
    • 0.5 Grams
    • Mini Gold Series Issue #2 (Hari Raya Edition)
    • Certified with Kuala Lumpur Assay Office
    • Made with Swiss Gold
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Additional Info

Story Behind Aurum 79

In our research to understand the struggles of young adults (18 - 30 years old), we find that many are looking for an entry-level gold investment product. Many young adults want to invest in gold but cannot do so because of financial constraints or commitments.

In Malaysia, several institutions such as banks and fintech provide a platform (GAP - Gold Accumulation plan) at competitive prices without the physical product. Although some of you are open to digital/paper gold (ownership based on paper), we realise that nothing beats possessing a physical product.

With that in mind, we created Aurum 79 in a denomination of 0.5 gram, designed to be a starter kit for gold investment. It is a small commitment compared to its large counterparts or other investment products. All of you are wondering why we chose the name Aurum 79? The word "Aurum" comes from the Latin language used to describe something "yellow".

People have associated gold with the term Aurum for many years because of its shiny yellow texture. The number 79 plays a significant role in gold. We chose the number because, in the periodic table, gold (symbol AU) has an atomic number of 79.

How are our products tested?

Aurum 79 products are made with the highest quality Swiss gold to ensure that you can get the best value and quality when investing in gold. In our supply chain, each gold bar undergoes three verification processes (assay) before it is ready for sale.

The first assay is the raw material that is used to make each bar. The material is sent to an independent Assayer in Malaysia (KL Assay Office), which will provide an assay report detailing our raw material's purity (99.9% pure gold). Our manufacturing outlet will melt the raw material into molten gold so it can be moulded into several Aurum 79 gold bars.

Once the desired number of bars are moulded and cooled, it is sent back to the Assayer for a second report to ensure that the quality standards remain identical. Lastly, before delivery to you, we use a fast and non-destructive test to verify the purity for you to ensure that each bar released is accurate to specifications.


Series: Mini Gold Series Issue #2 (Hari Raya Special#2)

Fineness: AU 999.9

Weight: 0.5Gram

Bar Size: 8 x 15 mm

Certificate Size: 88 X 57 mm

Assayer: Kuala Lumpur Assay Office

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